Artificial Lift Solutions

Much has changed in the petroleum industry since the days of Spindletop. Unlike the gushers of the past when proper bottom hole pressure lifted hydrocarbons to the surface, today's companies require a variety of methods to artificially lift production.

Drilling Tools International understands the value of expedient artificial lift in the oil production process. Done effectively, artificial lift can reduce time spent in operation while raising productivity. Among the tools that DTI offers is the Stinger valve.

Stinger. The Stinger is a rotary lock traveling valve used in artificial lift wells that utilize rod pump lifting systems. Replacing the traditional ball and seat traveling valve, the Stinger's upper threads connect directly to the valve rod, and the lower threads interface with standard plungers. With a main body of 17–4 stainless steel, the Stinger's engineered rotary locking action eliminates gas lock problems and increases volume efficiency per stroke.

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