Friction Reduction Tools and Frac Plugs

Slick Tools. The DTI friction reduction technology provides a superior methodology enabling a variety of tools the ability to reach extended trajectories that are difficult by current means. This ball transfer system offers an alternative solution to the demanding issues of deployment and retrieval of tubing, casing, and/or accessories. These tools allow 360° rotation in all directions and are available for a variety of tools and subs. Redundancy in the system allows for smoother deployment and retrieval, plus maneuverability of assemblies.

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Cajun Plugs. The unique Evolutionary Flapper Plug reduces the need for coiled tubing milling by utilizing a flapper and seat which are respectively contoured to receive each other and form a seal or a plug. The flapper is dissolvable and will hinge to the open position with pressure below it overcoming a spring force, leaving a large flow area for flow back or production. As a one-run plug and perf system, DTI's flapper plugs can reduce time, fluid consumption, and potential incidents by streamlining processes and equipment exposures.

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