Wellbore Optimization

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Drilling Tools International is the top provider of rental drillstring components in North America. Our diversified product offerings are currently focused in drilling, completions and production segments of the O&G industry. Our goal is to provide customer service, value and performance in all three phases of the well’s life cycle. Our Wellbore Optimization team is just getting started!

From our humble beginning as Directional Rentals in 1984 to the tested and proven product and service provider as Drilling Tools International today, we’ve focused our significant engineering resources on information gathering to provide true, analytical value to our loyal customers. Our performance evaluation team comprised of Petroleum and Mechanical Engineering experience is unmatched among our peers.

NEW TOOL AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT IN ALL THREE PHASES OF THE WELL LIFE CYCLE. Drilling Tools has introduced new products and technology in drilling, completions and artificial lift operations. Our engineering and product development team continues to push the envelope that provide efficiencies and reduce cost for customers in all three phases of the well life cycle.

BHA DESIGN AND CONFIGURATION. Drilling Tools’ extensive BHA modeling programs and downhole data collection analysis have proved time and time again to reduce cost and NPT while improving the quality of the wellbore. Quality wellbores are our focus and is considered a top priority due to the effect it can have in all three phases of a well’s life cycle.

Custom stabilizer design is just one of the many services and expertise we provide to our loyal customer base. This level of collaboration has proved beneficial in a variety of ways for all parties and we continue to further develop BHA components and connections to enhance performance and reduce NPT.

Our Wellbore Optimization team can provide a drilling road map to guide your drillsite supervisor in the most effective set of drilling parameters to improve drilling performance and extend bit life. Our driller’s roadmap includes optimum Critical Speed RPM’s, T&D calculations, rotational energy calculations and will even provide guidance to Directional Drillers when utilizing the field proven Drill N Ream wellbore conditioning tool. Additionally, we provide Hydraulic calculations including ECD, parasitic pressure losses, swab and surge, hole cleaning for drilling and tripping operations.

REACT SYSTEM. When failures occur, Drilling Tools employs state-of-the-art analytical tools and proven forensic engineering techniques based on drill string connection experience and expertise for API and most Premium connections used today. Through a combination of root cause analysis methods, comprehensive documentation followed by recommended corrective actions, Drilling Tools will help illuminate the problem to prevent it from reoccurring.

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