Slick Tools

Friction Reduction Technology for Hard-to-Reach Trajectories

Premium Tools offers an alternative solution to the demanding issues of deployment and retrieval of tubing, casing, and/or accessories. We utilize ball transfer systems to help manipulate equipment needing to reach trajectories that are difficult by standard means. The ball transfer systems allow 360° rotation in all directions, helping equipment maintain crucial momentum during movement. Redundancy in the system allows for smoother deployment and retrieval, plus maneuverability of assemblies.


Reduces friction in all planes – vertical, horizontal, and diagonal
Reduces torque and drag continually
Helps maintain momentum due to spherical shape – allowing movement to area of least resistance
No axis (which can shear and add friction when not given into account)
Reduces wear and integrity damage to surface areas where the balls travel
Allows for more maneuverability of tools being deployed or retrieved

Adjustable Tension Centralizer Tools (ATCT)

The Adjustable Tension Centralizer Tool (ATCT) assists toolstrings in getting in and out of wells that require centralization. The ATCTs are versatile enough to accommodate proper placement along a toolstring or workstring. Since tubing and casing sizes and weight vary, the tools need to be flexible, adjustable, and rugged enough to withstand tough deviations while maintaining the ability to maneuver the toolstring or workstring. The mission of the ATCT is to allow toolstring or workstring to ease downhole, and back uphole utilizing a ball transfer system.